Acct1002 mid semester practice

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Acct1002 mid semester practice

Hi, everybody, we're Team Paul. I'm Brady Enstad, and I've primarily been the interviewer for the project. I'm Lexi Dien, and I've primarily the videographer and video editor.

And I'm Yi Zhong. I've been the lead scribe for this project. We are looking at the human activity assistive technology and then the context, and then trying to get all the aspect of the problem that we're trying to solve.

So the first thing we're going to talk about is Paul, our client. He has been an amputee for the past 30 years.

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He worked in IT before, but for the past two or three years he had a really severe hip problem. He couldn't really get around, and he had to stay home a lot. And he had a surgery in June, so he's able to walk again but with reduced arm strength.

So that means he wouldn't be able to walk a long distance. He wouldn't be able to carry really heavy things.

Acct1002 mid semester practice

And this is the AT he uses. It's custom-made forearm crutches. It's really expensive, and it's customized to Paul. And so some of the activities that he wanted us to do a project on are self-standing crutches, a mechanism to pull a suitcase, something to carry a slice of pizza, something to carry a cup of coffee, a self-standing umbrella, so he doesn't get wet in the rain.

So all of these activities just kind of show that Paul really just wants to do things that people do and that he really wants to get out there again after this hip problem isn't bothering him. And we narrowed it down to this problem; this is a quote by Paul, "it would be nice if I can bring my way of a cup of coffee.

Wouldn't that be nice? And then we dove into the context of this problem more. So looking at it from a few perspectives, so culturally he doesn't want to use a wheelchair. Like I said, he had a hip problem before, so he had to be on an electric scooter, and he actually didn't like that all.

He wants to use crutches.


He wants to be able to stand. But because of the nature of his injury, he couldn't use prosthetics, so he had to use crutches. And socially his wife helps him with many activities, including bringing him coffee. But his wife does have work, so he needs to do this by himself when he's at home.

And physically he just wants to do this in his apartment. When he brews a cup of coffee in the morning. He wants to be able to carry it to the living room, something like simple like that. And looking at it one statement, so this is our problem statement-- a design, a mechanism, that help him carry a cup of coffee around his home without spilling, and such that he doesn't have to grab onto it.

And this is the way he carries it right now. It's kind of a grip and then while trying to use crutches at the same time, so you can imagine, it's really tough. And we kind of break it down to two main problems, which is how do we do it hands-free, so he doesn't have to hold it, and how do we do no-spill, so he doesn't spill coffee on his hands.

And I'll let Lexi talk about the success metrics. So right now, basically, Paul can carry a cup of coffee around with that claw grip, and he can only fill it about a third full if he doesn't want to spill it all over his hands or on the floor.

We'd like to make that a larger amount of coffee, and we'd like to make sure that it isn't spilled. Some other additional things we talked about were making it easy to remove from his crutch or from whatever it is; the technology is just easy to use and take away.

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The three undefined terms in geometry are . If H is the midpoint of and. TH = , then TE. What is the measure of? Geometry First Semester Final Exam.

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ICF stands for intercellular fluid IV. The interstitial fluid is in direct contact with most cells. Mid Term Papers. paper will be a preliminary work for your final project. That is, you will be working on the first layout of your business model and it will evolve throughout the semester as you try to validate your initial hypotheses.

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