An analysis of the book power play by tom clancey

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An analysis of the book power play by tom clancey

Tom Clancy, 'Full Force and Effect': Carrie Echols Mark Greaney, co-author with the late Tom Clancy, of three previous Jack Ryan novels, now has written Full Force and Effect, a novel demonstrating prescience about world events. In the book, North Korea's unstable young dictator wants to get his hands on the money needed to acquire a nuclear missile capable of hitting the mainland United States.

But first, he must eliminate the man who stands between him and his goal -- President Jack Ryan. He must also deal with the operatives working for the under-the-radar security agency known as The Campus.

You co-authored Tom Clancy's last three novels. Full Force and Effect is the first Jack Ryan novel you've written alone. How did your experience working with Tom Clancy inform this solo effort? I've read all his books beginning with Patriot Games.

That gave me a leg up when we collaborated on the three books. I know what a reader expects to find in a Tom Clancy novel. When we worked together, I never tried to copy his style. From having written with Tom, I certainly know the voices of the different characters.

Once I began this novel, I told myself not to do anything differently from when we collaborated, except this time, I would be taking the entire project all the way through. Working with him gave me the confidence to take this project on, and write an aggressive story.

You have degrees in political science and international relations. How did you make the transition to writing thriller fiction? Those degrees gave me confidence in my ten year career as a waiter and bartender.

At first, I didn't do much with them. I worked on a book for fifteen years before finishing it. I was working in the international medical devices field, but always hoped I could become an author. My first book was published inwhen I was forty-two years old.

It's taken a long time to get to where I am now. International relations always interested me.

An analysis of the book power play by tom clancey

I was a huge reader, primarily of non-fiction in the areas of the military and espionage. Patriot Games was the first thriller I ever bought.

After reading that novel, I realized you can enjoy yourself while actually learning something. Tom Clancy could impart so much knowledge while telling a great story.

That exposure grew into my ultimately becoming an author, myself. How did your collaboration with Tom Clancy begin? I'd had my own books published. It turned out my editor at Berkeley was also Tom Clancy's editor at Putnam. Tom was looking for a new co-author.

My editor went to my agent who then asked if I would like to co-author the next Tom Clancy book. I wish I could say I was excited, but the truth is, I was terrified.

After I caught my breath, I offered to "try out" because there were some other authors also in the running. I wrote twenty-five pages, handed them in and soon thereafter, I was in Baltimore meeting with Tom Clancy.

Your novels have so much information about military technology and up-to-the moment political developments. Does any government agency insist on vetting your books before they are published? I don't think they can do that because I'm a civilian.

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An analysis of the book power play by tom clancey

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