An analysis of the strenghts and weaknesses of euro an european union currency

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An analysis of the strenghts and weaknesses of euro an european union currency

The loonie was trading at over 1. On Wednesday, 2 March at 3: The correlation between the strength of the Canadian dollar and the price of crude oil remains intact; there has been a significant weakening of this relationship since the beginning of This is evidenced by a strong appreciation of the Canadian dollar against the greenback and other G currencies in spite of the plunging prices of crude oil.

The correlation was previously at The closer the correlation is to 1, the more perfect the price movements. A negative correlation indicates that as the price of oil declines, the equal but opposite reaction will be felt with the Canadian dollar — it will appreciate.

The further away from 1 the figure is the weaker the association.

An analysis of the strenghts and weaknesses of euro an european union currency

The alignment between price movements with respect to crude oil and the CAD has weakened in the past 60 days, and this trend looks set to continue as the CAD charts its own course more independent of the price of crude oil.

That the CAD has continued to move towards parity with the USD is a big pat on the back for a currency which has been hammered as a result of crude oil weakness. There is a narrowing in the yield between the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve Bank, and market analysts are expecting a close correlation between the policies of both banks.

In another surprise move for the Canadian economy, inflation figures have generally held their own, owing to strong exports from Canada. The 2-year yield is now down to In spite of differences in interest rates between the banks, another upwards revision of the US interest-rate would likely have little impact on the Canadian dollar.

The CAD is largely expected to strengthen against major currency pairs such as the British pound, the Euro, the Japanese yen and others. Fears of a Brexit are looming large on the horizon, and the closer it comes to June 23, the weaker the GBP will be.

Traders utilize multiple measures to analyse the strength or weakness of currencies relative to one another. While the country has dipped in terms of annual GDP growth between 2.

This is highlighted in the above chart. This figure has steadily been increasing since when it was last recorded at Negative Interest Rates in Canada? Canadian Metrics For starters, low oil prices mean that Canada receives less for oil that it exports, and with 3.

Banks in Norway, Sweden and Japan have introduced negative interest rates which means that depositors are paying interest on money that they store in banks. Much the same is true across Europe with the European Central Bank too. If Canada decides to implement negative interest rates, that would further weaken the Canadian currency since it acts as a disincentive to foreign direct investment in the country, but at the same time it encourages long-term loans which is the whole point of quantitative easing in the first place.Especially, it is the European Union where the environment has kept changing fast and where top technology brands have faced the biggest challenges including large fines.

In , Amazon was hit by a fine of million Euros in back taxes. 3 days ago · However, price rose in tandem with euro to in New York before retreating again to on dollar's strength. Reuters reported European Union leaders of . The recent enlargement of the European Union, and the future enlargement of the euro area that will follow it, mean that the economic and financial structures that underlie the ECB’s monetary policy strategy will not remain constant.

the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 2 been undertaken in the framework of a SWOT analysis (analysing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

The results of a SWOT analysis provide the platform for subsequent policy. What the European Union lacks, or at least how it is different from the United States, is that it does not have cohesive solidarity built into it.

It is an economic alliance of different states, similar to the interstate relations between the individual states in the US. It is different in . The European Union is a result of an effort to build a more unified Europe.

Fifty years ago, after World War II, Europeans were seeking out a way to prevent another war as costly as this one had been.

An analysis of the strenghts and weaknesses of euro an european union currency