And of clay are we created

What does it mean that we have treasures in jars of clay 2 Corinthians 4: They then painted, glazed, or decorated the jars for whatever purpose they had in mind. In ancient times, sacred scrolls or valuable documents were rolled up and placed inside a jar of clay and then hidden for safe keeping. The Dead Sea Scrolls were kept in such jars of clay.

And of clay are we created

It is impossible to duplicate the quality of a natural clay or mud bath in an artificial environment. However, having studied natural clay baths and mud baths that exist in "special" areas known for their great healing properties, one can create a clay bath that works nearly as well. It is unfortunate that the tap water quality of most of the industrialized world is so poor.

Chlorine and fluoride are two substances that one truly does not, ideally, want to ingest into the body. Hot showers, baths, and steam treatments cause a forced respiration through the skin, resulting in a rapid uptake of gases, ions, and "water" directly into the tissues of the body.

Indeed, any time one isolates a location of the body, covering it with any substance and then applying heat even if this is only heat generated by insulationan "environmental exchange" is going to occur, resulting in the absorption of substances through the skin and the release of substances through the pores of the body.

The more active substances that the clay has to deal with from the water source and additives, the less sorption power the clay will have, or worse The sorpted substances can act in the ion exchange process and cause these substances to be deposited into the body.

To illustrate this example, if one takes a natural clay, and subjects it to gas fumes for a extended period of time even just by placing the clay in one's garageand then places a clay pack on the leg for an hour each day, within a few days one will begin to taste gasoline in the saliva.

Since the idea is to detoxify the body, it is not the best idea to include substances in the clay bath to bypass the body's digestive system-- not without very careful thought.

Very careful thought begins with meticulous examination of how clay reacts with any substance it is combined with. In short order, any researcher can verify that when clay is added with herbs, oxidation reactions occur that create organic compounds that do not normally exist in nature.

Whether or not these compounds are beneficial must be left up to the individual. In short, our opinion is that herbs should be used independently of clay baths. When herbs are used with clay in-bath, one should consider the therapeutic treatment as an herbal bath, and not a clay bath.

Raymond Dextreit, among others, also strongly discouraged the use of other substances combined with clay with a few exceptions. Hydrated clay is such an amazing substance in its own right.

The best water to use with clay baths is natural, high quality spring water, especially geothermally heated water that rises from pressurized acquifers deep beneath the earth. If this is not possible, then reverse osmosis water can be used.

However, reverse osmosis water can be expensive to purchase outside of the home for bath purposes, and if a reverse osmosis system is not "in-line", preparation of the water for the bath can be tedious. Consider a product such as the Aquasana Shower Filterwhich, in our opinion, is the best localized shower filter for the investment.

In short, any method one can utilize to improve the quality of the water used can be utilized with healing clay baths. Sea Salt Adding natural sea salt to a clay bath is an excellent idea.

And of clay are we created

Sea salt acts as a tonic, and increases the ion exchange capability of clay in a clay bath, as well as changing the osmotic pressure relative to the human body.

Use from one cup to ten cups per bath. Whatever pure, raw clay you have access to! No two clays are the same. This includes swelling bentonites low sodium or high sodium and montmorillonites.

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Natural, raw clays are best, agricultural grade clays are next best, and technical grade clays are third. We've tested all, and have had acceptable results with all three.

And of clay are we created

Clays which are well known for their therapeutic properties are best to use for clay baths, but they can be overly expensive.

A cost effective alternative is to blend a high quality clay with a more affordable clay. For therapeutic grade clays useful for bathing, we recommend trying green desert calcium bentonitePascalite, or Redmond Clay Utah bentonite such as the pale clay technical-only grade clay marketed by Westernblended with Wyoming bentonite, is an acceptable blend for bath purposes.

A superior blend would be the Wyoming bentonite and a high quality calcium bentonite desert clay. For an excellent professional grade blend: Inland Sea Clay Baths is the cream of the crop.

Although more expensive, it is recommended for those with very serious conditions such as severe metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, and electropollution sensitivity.

What to Avoid Avoid any contaminated clays, and pay careful attention when storing clay. Store in a completely sealed container, and away from reactive chemicals.

Do not allow clay to come in prolonged contact with metals, and if one needs to store clay in plastic, the first best choice is FDA grade plastic, the worst choice is plastics such as "tuperware".

Always use clays without any additives. Quantity Makes a Difference Our short answer to the question, "How much clay should be used in a clay bath? Unfortunately, unless one is willing to custom build one's own personal clay therapy center, using two tons of clay in a clay bath is hardly practical.At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings.

And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exists countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained. Imagine for a moment working for hours, days, or even weeks on a polymer clay project.

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We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. We will let you know when we think . Question: "What should we learn from the symbolism of the potter and clay in the Bible?" Answer: The Bible uses symbolism to deepen the message God has for His people.


One such symbol is that of potter and clay. The most detailed example is found in Jeremiah God instructed the prophet Jeremiah.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec “And of Clay We Are Created,” written by Isabel Allende, explores what social psychologists refer to as the bystander effect. In the story, Azucena is a little girl who is trapped in the mud, and needs help if she is to survive.

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What does it mean that we have treasures in jars of clay (2 Corinthians )?

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