Dragon writing

This article is about the mythical creature. For the Mesopotamian godsee Dagon.

Dragon writing

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Dragon writing

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Find this Pin and more on Juliet by Jazz. A dragon I drew on a train-ride home from the city (it was a shaky train). The Dragon style (Southern Dragon Style) is an imitative-style that was developed based on the imagined characteristics of the Chinese Dragon. The history of Dragon style has been transmitted orally rather than by text or graphically, therefore it is hard to tell where it truly originated.

Today we welcome Benedict Patrick to the blog – the man who is going to rewrite what we think about fairy tales.

He’s also living in Scotland so he gets bonus point from me for that. Dragontech writing, Logan, Utah. 90 likes. DragonTech Writing is a Cache Valley technical writing firm specializing in documenting software and.

Dragon is a reliable productivity tool for many professionals, including leadership coach Jason Womack. Jason used Dragon to help write his popular book, Your Best Just Got Better, and continues to use speech recognition today for important aspects of his business and personal brand. The writing dragon breathes fires of doubt, so your ideas stay hidden.

It roars and triggers publishing paralysis, so your book gathers dust. We’ll help you work with your writing dragon to complete your first (or next) book or post.

The Dragon's Blade | Writing Journeys – Benedict Patrick