Fiction writing classes online

Previous Next New Fiction Writer? Start with the free 3-week introductory short-fiction class, and learn to write strong beginnings, middles, and endings, finish work… and more. Take the Best-Fit Writing Quiz to find out which fiction classes or workshops meet your needs now. Be in any class in under five minutes.

Fiction writing classes online

Free Creative Writing Courses Online

Each week, two students will submit up to words of a fiction or creative nonfiction project. This could be a short story, a chapter from a novel, a short creative nonfiction piece or chapter from a book-length memoir. Projects will be emailed to the instructor and to all of the students in the class.

Each student is expected to send an email critique back to the authors. The instructor will send each author a line-by-line edit and a thematic critique.

You will be given instructions on how to access this chatroom before the class begins. In these Monday night sessions, the submitting students will get to watch as their fiction projects are discussed by the class and the instructor.

Fiction writing classes online

Each discussion will last for twenty-five minutes, and then the student will have five minutes to respond. This is a great way to get feedback on your work and to prepare it for submission. Dates and Times Current: Central Time Dates and Times Upcoming: Each week, two students will submit up to words of a nonfiction project.

This could be an essay, a chapter from a memoir, or an excerpt. Projects will be emailed to the instructor and to the other students in the class.

In these sessions, the submitting students will get to watch as their fiction projects are discussed by the class and the instructor. Eastern Time Dates and Times Upcoming: This twelve week book-writing workshop is developed specifically for the novelist or memoirist.

Class size is limited to allow every student to receive critique time each week. Up to words can be handed in on a weekly basis, and the pages will be distributed ahead of time so that all of the material is already read prior to each class.

No time will be spent reading material aloud…all time will be spent on critiquing the chapter. This intense twelve-week workshop will allow you to consistently move forward on your novel, providing you with support, honest and helpful critique, and a positive community.

Students will also receive a line-by-line edit and a thematic critique of their work from the instructor.

Free Online Writing Courses

You will be given directions to the chatroom before class begins.The course also acts as a springboard to more focused courses such as Article Writing, Memoir Writing, Personal Essay Writing, Travel Writing, Romance Writing, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing, and even Food Writing, all of which are offered by The Gotham Writers.

I’ve taken several online fiction classes with well-known online entities and with those that are lesser known. Compared to more well-known or expensive online writing classes that require you to use more non-user friendly sites to post your work this is the one with which I was and still am most impressed.

Online creative writing classes and workshops from the Piper Center at ASU Revising the Novel and Publishing Opportunities for Fiction and Nonfiction for Spring Unnatural Disasters: Writing Sci-Fi & Cli-Fi in a Changing World with Malik Toms.

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Online Writing Classes: Enroll Now in Free and Cheap MOOCs. Alas, no belching cows are anywhere nearby, but an entire world of FREE online courses opened up to me in just about any subject your heart desires.

Fiction writing classes online

Of course, writing fiction was the one I wanted to give a test run. Yep—there’s one for that!

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WOW! Women On Writing Workshops & Classes invest in yourself, write now. Welcome to our classroom! Whether you are looking to boost your income or work on your craft, we know that education is an important part of a writer’s career.

In this seminar for writers of fiction and nonfiction, we will study examples of great dialogue, do writing exercises that help us get our characters’ authentic voices on the page, and discuss a range of topics such as exposition, writing in dialect, and the mechanics of attributing dialogue.

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