How to write a technical specifications document for a website

Blog Website with specific functionalities This information is very useful because it tells us which potentially CMS platform should be suitable or if it is for custom solution.

How to write a technical specifications document for a website

how to write a technical specifications document for a website

This should outline the objectives for your website along with any deadline or budget constraints. A Functional Specification document is a document that you: Give to the developers so they know what to build Give to the testers so they know what tests to run Give to the stakeholders and get them to approve so they know what they are getting Here is a guide on how to write a useful functional specification document — one that will satisfy all parties and make for a successful project that is both on time and within budget: Start with the objectives Why do you need a website?

What outcomes do you want to achieve? Are there problems with the existing site? Define at least one goal that the website should help you achieve. Key Audiences You now need to identity the key audiences that you need to appeal to in order to reach your objectives.

Your developers and designers need to know who is going to be looking at your website. In other words, what are you trying to persuade them to do?

Sign up for something? Another useful thing to consider is the priority of these audiences. Provisional site structure Create a site map — a tree like structure that shows all the pages that are to appear in a website.

This can be sketched, typed up or put in a spreadsheet. If this is too complicated for you, create your website menu, showing all the pages under each top link. It is likely that this structure will change during the design stage, but it's useful to have a starting point that clearly conveys the 'information architecture' of the site.

If you are upgrading a website, don't necessarily copy your old website structure - a change could yield benefits.

Technical specifications In other words, what should the website do? If it's a brochure site, most pages will be 'static' in the sense that they don't react to user actions.

If it's an e-commerce site, you need to list out any requirements for your home page, product listing page, product search and product detail pages.

When documenting, you have 2 options. Alternatively, if you are allergic to excel, you can document each user's interaction with the system.

Security Loading times - how important are loading speeds to you? If you're in e-commerce, the answer is very. Legal - Are there any compliance requirements that the website must adhere to? Who are you competitors?

If your budget is low, we will think about what can be done with it. Usually a short-term solution can be made available if you have nothing online currently.Welcome to the Toshiba OCZ SSD brand website.

Select a region to begin. 10 Key Items on How to Write a Website Specification Dejan Popović February 13, We know two different specification types, one is that client gives by ordering a new web project, and other is technical project documentation which is created by web design agency when taking client specification.

3GPP specifications are published - free of charge - up to four times a year following the quarterly Technical Specification Group (TSG) plenary meetings.

Writing a Requirements Document | Rachel S. Smith 1 The document should include an overview of the finished product in narrative and/or graphical mockup form for those who want to get a grasp of the project without reading all the.

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