Lavinia spalding writing away the stigma

Science Tackles the Afterlife about her latest book Packing for Mars: Mary Roach Zack Ruskin: You have a real knack for finding people related to the subject you're writing about.

Lavinia spalding writing away the stigma

The several chapters shown here were taken from late in the text, as they are more summary in nature. Waddell was no pan-Aryan, thinking that Aryan blood was concentrated in Britain and almost nowhere else he keeps putting Germans down as "round-heads", just because a few round-headed skulls were found in Southern Germany, and ignores the existence of a common Teutonic culture where the Aryan type predominatesbut his work is still valuable for its extensive use of arcane material.

He also insists on using the terms "Slav" and "Hun" as terms for ancient peoples, but these terms are medieval in origin. Tacitus said 98 AD: Mattingly was also anti-German. The English worshipped Rome because it served as a model and justification for their own empire. Tacitus gives no indication that their culture was anything but self-generated, and complimented them on it.

It is incontestable that Southern Germany and Austria and Switzerland had, at one time or another, heavy Celtic habitation, but Southern Germany does not constitute all of Germany. Waddell makes a case p. He addresses this subject on pp. Regardless of exactly when or how the Germans may have been Aryanized, it appears obvious that they are in fact Aryan, with their hard work ethic, lack of self-pity to the point of denying themselves to help someone in a foreign country they don't even know, respect for the rule of law, concern for the environment and animals, etc.

There are also the obvious physical attributes. Before that they were apparently relegated to Mongolia and other far-flung eastern regions i. Thus, the Huns cannot be identified in Europe in the far-ancient times ascribed to them by Waddell.

And how do we know they had anything to do with the people later known as Huns from Western Asia? The term "Slav" arose in the 18th-Century through the German theologian August Shloezerunder Russian direction he needed to please his employer, the Czar.

It is derived from the glagolitic church Latin term "Sclavi", and refers to a servant, pagan or heathen of any origin. What Waddell called "Slavs" would more accurately be called "proto-Slavs", or even better "Sarmatians", since the source for these peoples was the area known historically as Sarmatia which lay to the east of the Vistula River.

The Venedae Wends were a related people. They were invaders from the east and are not European in origin. Brigid and Matrilinear Customs of Irish and Picts Andrew as an Aryan Phoenician Two Ancient Briton coins of 1st or 2nd cent B. After Beale and J.

Bel, "The god of the Sun" and Father-god of the Phoenicians. From a Phoenician altar of about 4th century B. Early Khatti, "Catti" or Hittites in their rock-sculptures about B. After Perrot and Guillaume. Phoenician coin of Carthage inscribed "Barat. Aryan Phoenician inscription on Newton Stone.

Ogam Version of Newton Stone inscription as now deciphered and read. Ogamoid inscription from Hittite hieroglyphs, on the Lion of Marash after Wright.

lavinia spalding writing away the stigma

Phoenician inscription on Earl Briton Coins found near Selsey. Cilician Gothic king worshipping "Sun-god. Cassis of Early Babylonia ploughing and sowing under the Sign of the Cross. From Kassi official seal of about B. Coins of Phoenician "Barats" of Lycaonia of 3rd cent. Britannia on Early Roman coins in Britain.

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Phoenician Coin of Barati or Britannia from Sidon. Egyptian hieroglyphs for Goddess Bairthy of Phoenician sailors. From sculpture of about 2nd century A. A prehistoric Matriarch of the Vans? From a Hittite rock-sculpture near Smyrna.

Three main racial head-types in Europe. Hitto-Phoenician war-chariot as source of Briton war-chariots.FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room A HISTORY OF SAVANNAH AND SOUTH GEORGIA BY WILLIAM HARDEN VOLUME II ILLUSTRATED THE LEWIS PUBLISHING COMPANY CHICAGO AND NEW YORK 1.

A. Abbas, Syed Shahid and Kakkar, Manish () Research & policy disconnect: the case of rabies research in India. Indian Journal of Medical Research, (4). pp. ISSN. 0x () 2f6e e GET / HT 0x () f31 2ed0a f6e6e TP/Connecti 0x () 6f6e3a20 c6f73 d0a55 d on: 0x () e ad f f Agent: Microsoft 0x () e d0a48 6fa www .

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