Marketing research concept and applications

Marketing research departments conduct product research for a variety of reasons, including: Typically, before a business invests in the development of a prototype for a new or improved product, it will have its marketing researchers verbally describe or visually depict the prospective product to a group of potential customers in the target market. Once a product has been accepted during the concept-testing stage, the business may move on to develop a prototype of the product.

Marketing research concept and applications

Applications[ edit ] The first documented evidence of the deliberate use of marketing to address a social issue comes from a reproductive health program led by K.

Chandy and colleagues proposed, and subsequently implemented, a national family planning program with high quality, government brand condoms distributed and sold throughout the country at low cost.

Marketing research concept and applications

Marketing research concept and applications program included an integrated consumer marketing campaign run with active point of sale promotion.

Retailers were trained to sell the product aggressively, and a new organization was created to implement the program. In the United States, The National High Blood Pressure Education Program [8] and the community heart disease prevention studies in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and at Stanford University [9] demonstrated the effectiveness of the approach to address population-based risk factor behaviour change.

Notable early developments also took place in Australia. These included the Victoria Cancer Council developing its anti-tobacco campaign "Quit" and "SunSmart"its campaign against skin cancer which had the slogan " Slip! On a wider front, bygovernment in the United Kingdom announced the development of its first social marketing strategy for all aspects of health.

Publications such as "Choosing Health" in[13] " It's our health! In India, AIDS controlling programs are largely using social marketing and social workers are largely working for it. Most of the social workers are professionally trained for this task.

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Among the tools and techniques used by CBSM are focus groups and surveys to discover barriers and commitments, prompts, social norms, social diffusion, feedback and incentives to change behavior. The tools of CBSM have been used to foster sustainable behavior in many areas, including energy conservation, [18] environmental regulation [19] and recycling.

One of the most notable is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA which for many years has waged social marketing campaigns against the use of natural fur products.

The campaigns' efficacy has been subject to dispute. For example, anti-smoking campaigns such as World No Tobacco Day while being successful in concert with government tobacco controls in curbing the demand for tobacco products in North America and in parts of Europe, have been less effective in other parts of the world such as China, India and Russia.

Prevalence of tobacco consumption Types[ edit ] Social marketing uses the benefits of doing social good to secure and maintain customer engagement. In social marketing the distinguishing feature is therefore its "primary focus on social good, and it is not a secondary outcome.

Public sector bodies can use standard marketing approaches to improve the promotion of their relevant services and organizational aims. This can be very important but should not be confused with social marketing where the focus is on achieving specific behavioral goals with specific audiences in relation to topics relevant to social good e.

For example, a 3-month marketing campaign to encourage people to get a H1N1 vaccine is more tactical in nature and should not be considered social marketing. A campaign that promotes and reminds people to get regular check-ups and all of their vaccinations when they're supposed to encourages a long-term behavior change that benefits society.

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It can therefore be considered social marketing.Consensus Point is a leading global provider of prediction market research, analytics, and software to market research firms and Fortune brands.

Journal of Marketing Research delves into the latest thinking in marketing research, from philosophy and theories to methods and techniques. Written for technically oriented research analysts, educators and statisticians, Journal of Marketing Research covers a wide range of marketing research concepts, methods, and applications.

Marketing Research is an integral part of any marketing activity. It helps and guides the marketers statistically through various marketing concepts by giving a measure of marketing variables like market size, demand status, promotional requirements, price determinants, product needs etc.

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and lays a logical foundation to formulation of marketing . The Journal of Management and Marketing Research (JMMR) publishes original, unpublished manuscripts related to contemporary issues in management and marketing.

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Marketing research concept and applications

In view of the above, we identify key touchpoints affected by digital technologies and propose a research framework that is inspired by the marketing process as well as by the marketing strategy process.

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