Maths lesson plan

Adding and Subtracting Decimals - The student will be able to add and subtract numbers with place values to the hundredths. Adding Integers - Students will use two different types of cereal to practice adding positive and negative integers. This will help them visualize how numbers cancel each other out. Drawing Nets of 3 Dimensional Objects - Students will be able to use concrete materials to help them understand the concept of nets.

Maths lesson plan

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to access these files. Teaching activities Show the children a large clock on the whiteboard. Explain 'to' and 'past' the hour. Point out where quarter past, half past and quarter to are on the clock.

Explain that each number on the clock is worth 5 minutes.

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Ask the children to count in 5s as you point to the numbers on the clock. Ask the children to set their own clocks to whatever time you call out.

Activity Medium - Play the Digger and the Gang game to select the correct time and to sequence events in time order. Then play the Dynamo Den Clockwise game to move the big hand on the clock. Hard - Play the Clockworks game to tell the time to the nearest half hour.

Really hard - Ask the children to complete the Telling the time worksheet 1 KBfilling in the missing hands on the clocks. Plenary Ask the children to stand facing the same direction. Explain that this is 12 o'clock.

Ask the children to move quarter turns, half turns, three-quarter turns and full turns.

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Ask them which time they are facing after each turn ie quarter past, half past, quarter to.FREE mathematical activities, puzzles, problems, visual aids, investigations and lots more. Enter Transum Maths to see how teaching and learning this fascinating subject can be fun.

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Maths lesson plan

KS1 Maths lesson plan and worksheets on telling the time. Utilize's comprehensive first grade math lesson plans to help your students master the basics of math.

These lesson plans are designed with first graders in mind, with in depth instructions and interactive, attention grabbing material. In other words, these lesson plans will leave your. Math Lesson Plans.

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Maths Lesson Plans. Trying to find new, entertaining ways to spark an interest with your students in mathematics? maths is a subject that can be difficult to master, but .

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