Mentorship the missing link essay

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Mentorship the missing link essay

But I saved what I think is the heart of the matter for my last mentoring column. Is it really impossible? I was recently at a breakfast with a provost and deans from six different colleges at a research-intensive university.

One of the six deans explained that she had clearly articulated, quantified, and written criteria for what faculty need to accomplish in her college to be promoted to associate professor with tenure.

It sounded perfectly rational, but was quickly and emphatically dismissed as "impossible" by every other dean at the table. The lengthy rationalizations can be boiled down to: The idea that it's too hard to get any department to agree on a set of criteria for promotion is absurd because the same group of people are -- in reality -- voting based on some criteria, so why not make them explicit?

After this illuminating breakfast, I spent the entire day working with faculty at this institution and I couldn't help but notice the stark differences between those who were located in the college with clearly defined goals and benchmarks and those in the other colleges, who were confused about what it would take to meet unspecified and ever-escalating tenure criteria.

Those who had clear expectations were focused on learning the most effective ways to exceed the articulated goals.

By contrast, those who had only the vaguest sense of their promotion criteria were preoccupied with expressing their anger and frustration over the lack of clarity, devising strategies to cultivate senior faculty sponsors who could defend their case behind closed doors, and asking about what they could do now to search for jobs elsewhere because they had no idea how their vote would end up.

In short, those who had confidence in the criteria were focused on doing excellent work to exceed it.

Mentorship: The Missing Link | Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham Munroe

It seems pretty clear to me which of those states we want tenure-track faculty to inhabit on a daily basis and which produces the most productive researchers and excellent classroom teachers.

More problematic for me is that the lack of a clear, objective set of criteria for tenure and promotion creates the space for unconscious bias, pettiness, and recess-politics do I like you or not to enter critical decision-making processes.

For example, I have witnessed a former colleague argue that an African-American male tenure candidate with a superior research record, significant external funding, and stellar external reviews should be turned down for tenure because of a comment he made over the buffet at a Christmas party.

And maybe the best reason for moving towards objective, measurable criteria for promotion and tenure is that new faculty members want clarity and transparency. While several studies of new faculty bear this out, I recently polled the participants in my Faculty Success Programasking: Over 90 percent responded yes.

They not only wanted that information in the abstract, but they wondered why such information didn't already exist, and if it did, how could they get their hands on it?

Mentorship the missing link essay

With increasing economic constraints, shrinking tenure lines, and intensifying external pressure to provide demonstrable outcomes, it seems not only possible, but desirable for colleges to define a measurable version of success. And then to provide tenure-track faculty members with a clear and objective set of criteria for promotion, to make that criteria explicit upon arrival, and to conduct meaningful annual evaluations based on observable benchmarks.The mentor’s personality is not as outgoing as others may have been so asking questions and prompting the group proved more difficult and the mentor was reluctant, at some points, to catechize for answers.

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Nursing Mentorship Essay, Grasping a Mentor Before writing an essay on mentorship one must first understand that what a mentor is and the purpose of a mentor in nursing. A person who is capable and responsible for the encouragement of learning, evaluation of performance and deliverance of confirmation of accomplishment and performance, is .

Mentoring essays Lets face it, not every child is placed on this earth with a stable home. There are many problems with families today. Divorce, death of a parent, substance abuse, or even being homeless is just to name a few.

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Children today deal with more stress then they did years ago. Also ki. Mentoring guides the complete person, not just the dance side of things. A mentor can assist with your career development as a competitor or as teacher, judge, promoter, or all of the above.

Mentorship the missing link essay

A mentor can assist with your career development as a competitor or as teacher, judge, promoter, or all of the above.

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Jan 19,  · The Missing Link Mentorship, including female-to-female mentoring, is cited by numerous task forces and studies as a key factor to bridging the leadership gender gap.

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