Obama 2013 inaugration speech analysis

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Obama 2013 inaugration speech analysis

It was filled with soaring rhetoric of a better nation intertwined with vague policy objectives. Some of his vision - health care reform and ending the war in Iraq, for instance - has been successfully implemented while other aspects such as his promise to change the political tone in Washington have fallen by the wayside.

He ran his first campaign on a promising to bring a new type of politics to Washington and it was one of the first themes he broached during his inaugural address. He came to office after a tumultuous, partisan environment in Washington during the George W.

Bush administration, which divided the country over the war in Iraq, torture and surveillance programs. Almost immediately after entering office, Washington proved that partisan polarization was too much for the president to change, and critics say he made it worse.

Most of the major legislation the president promoted passed along partisan lines. They include the economic stimulus, health care reform and financial reform.

The president was also unable to avoid budget battles over spending, taxes and the debt ceiling.

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Just in his first term, the country risked default or a government shutdown three times. Obama's first term consisted of steady job loss as the country lost more than 3.

Obama 2013 inaugration speech analysis

Since then, however, 4. The administration credits the president's policies, including the stimulus, which was one of his first actions upon entering office, for helping ease the downward spiraling trajectory of the economy.

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Critics, however, point to the fact that the White House estimated that unemployment would not rise above 8 percent with stimulus legislation.

It hovered around 10 percent for nearly a year and the president was unable to pass additional job creation legislation for the remainder of his first term.

One-third of the funding went to stimulus, job creation and country-building projects, but even less, about 8 percentwent directly toward transportation and infrastructure programs.

That is the bulk of funding for roads and bridges passed during the Obama administration, but in August of last year, he allocated half a billion dollars of leftover funds to states committed to repairing old roads and bridges.

The president tried, but failed, to pass additional infrastructure spending.

Rhetorical Devices in Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech. jkellylowenstein. Having completed the inaugural day festivities and surprising guests on White House tours, President Barack Obama. An inaugural address is a speech for a very specific event—being sworn into the office of the presidency. The speeches of modern presidents share some commonalities in referencing American history, the importance of the occasion, and hope for the future. Each president. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 75, lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.

The multi-agency coalition called the Rapid Response Team for Transmission is still in the very beginning stages of pilot programs.What: Mr Obama addressed race and religion in this campaign-defining speech, saving his derailing presidential bid.

Where: The National Constitution Centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Key point. On June 30, , President Obama highlighted Rising Tide Capital as an organization making a real difference for everyday Americans: “So far, Rising Tide Capital has helped business owners in the state of New Jersey.

Jan 16,  · CNN will anchor special coverage of the second inauguration of President Barack Obama Sunday, Jan. 20 through Monday, Jan. 21 from locations . After watching Donald Trump's inaugural address, what better way to get rid of the last few dregs of hope than by comparing what he said with Barack Obama's address from ?

Both thanked the previous President, with Trump calling the Obamas "magnificent", and pledged to reform Washington, but the comparison ended there. Jan 21,  · Watch video · Analysis: Obama's speech takes on divisive issues. For the first time in U.S. history, an inaugural address endorsed same-sex .

Obama 2013 inaugration speech analysis

Rhetorical Devices in Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech. jkellylowenstein. Having completed the inaugural day festivities and surprising guests on White House tours, President Barack Obama.

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