Pest analysis of the uk and employee relations

References13 Executive Summary With regards to employee relations, there are major changes that have taken place in the United Kingdom. PEST Analysis shows a radical change that has been experienced in terms of political context in the UK since the minimum wage rate was defined. However, the government is stable and no barrier to entry exists for the new companies. In the economical context, it can be said that UK is the sixth largest economy in the world, and growth has been experienced by 0.

Pest analysis of the uk and employee relations

Pigeon pill, bird pill, pigeon contraceptive, bird contraceptive The contraceptive pill has been widely trialled on wild pigeon flocks throughout Europe but due to the fact that it was impossible to isolate a wild flock in order to measure whether there was a reduction in breeding activity, any data was inevitably flawed.

Influx of pigeons from other flocks, where the contraceptive had not been provided, was the main problem. As a result, the contraceptive pill is no longer considered to be a viable option and is not licensed for use in the UK.

The Opportunity

A new contraceptive product for birds has recently been introduced onto the pest control marketplace by a pharmaceutical company in the USA.

Although these contraceptives are not licenced for use in the UK their use in the USA, particularly use of the highly controversial OvoControl P, has whipped up a storm of debate. The main concerns over the use of OvoControl P are welfare-related.

A selector tool to be used by suppliers and buying organisations preparing a catalogue for upload into PECOS; Updated on 10th September for use with Excel SWOT analysis and PEST analysis are two of the most frequently used planning methods. Below is a brief introduction to both methods and a comparison of SWOT analysis vs PEST analysis. What is SWOT Analysis? SWOT, when . Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. 15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access.

The active ingredient used in the contraceptive nicarbazin is commonly used to control enteritis notably coccidiosis in intensively farmed poultry. Coccidiosis is a common avian disease which most fit and healthy wild birds never contract, but when a bird is affected the outcome is normally death.

SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis - When to Use Them

Because of the way that OvoControl P has to be distributed days a yearand because much larger quantities of nicarbazin need to be used in OvoControl P than is used in the treatment of enteritis in commercially farmed birds, pigeons will inevitably lose any natural resistance to fatal diseases such as coccidiosis.

In the long term this will result in pigeons becoming highly susceptible to contracting coccidiosis and pigeon flocks will be decimated as a result; urban pigeons will die in their thousands.

Because pigeons live in such close proximity to man this represents a very real threat to public health and safety, to say nothing of the welfare implications. Although pigeons do not pass diseases onto humans under normal circumstances, when thousands of birds die of a disease than can affect people as well as pigeons the threat is considerable and cannot be underestimated.

Further welfare concerns have been raised over the potential for OvoControl P to harm the eyes of those birds feeding on the drug.

Pest analysis of the uk and employee relations

Scientists in Italy, where trials were initially undertaken, have already contacted PiCAS with concerns over the use of this drug. In both cases these organisations employ biologists who could and should have recognised the dangers posed to wild bird populations by the long term use of these contraceptives, but clearly the welfare of pigeons is not taken as seriously as the welfare of other wild birds.

The main disadvantage of this new oral contraceptive is the raft of operational restrictions imposed on the use of OvoControl P by the manufacturer: No property owner with an on-going pigeon-related problem will even consider using the drug based on the fact that it will fail to provide any form of relief from pigeon-related problems on a building or site.

The only means of reducing the impact of pigeon-related problems on a specific building or site is to provide a system based on the use of humane but effective deterrents and anti-roosting products combined, where appropriate, with artificial breeding facilities. Artificial breeding facilities which will encourage pigeons away from their existing roosts are scientifically proven to reduce flock size when using egg removal and replacement techniques pioneered by the PiCAS Group.

Start-up costs for a PiCAS loft-based system will be extremely low and will only require a single visit, once a week and at any time of the day, to remove newly laid eggs and replace with dummy eggs. This should take no more than minutes per week. Cleaning would be carried out once every months and would take approximately half an hour.

The costs associated with operating PiCAS's birth control programme pale into insignificance when compared to the cost of using OvoControl P. In order to provide OvoControl P as recommended by the manufacturer an employee would have to be identified that has the ability to differentiate between target species and non-target species and who must be on site every day, days a year at anti-social times.

Attending a site in the early hours of the morning would undoubtedly attract overtime payments. Clearly the drug is not attractive to individual property owners so who is the drug aimed at? To expect those same councils to spend tens of thousands of pounds a year distributing OvoControl P is just pushing the envelope a little too far.

Even if the drug was deemed safe and effective with no welfare-related issues whatsoever, which seems highly unlikely, there is not a council anywhere in the UK that could or would consider it as a viable control option.

Quite simply the use of OvoControl P is cost-prohibitive and when also taking welfare implications into consideration the drug cannot be considered to be anything other than an expensive and dangerous tool which, in the wrong hands, could wreak havoc on wild bird populations worldwide.

It works by depriving the fertilised egg of oxygen, thus preventing it from developing and hatching. Egg-oiling is a relatively straightforward procedure which, if carried out correctly, causes no harm or distress to the adult bird or embryo.Below is a list of business theory articles from Business Case Studies organised by Topic.

Choose your sub topic by clicking the arrowed links below your selected business studies theory heading. With regards to employee relations, there are major changes that have taken place in the United Kingdom. PEST Analysis shows a radical change that has been experienced in terms of political context in the UK since the minimum wage rate was defined.

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Because they do not stop growing, the animal must continue to wear them down so . Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Click Go. Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name.

Pest analysis of the uk and employee relations

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