Question of god

Share via Email In his open letter to the Archbishop of Canterburycommending three reasons for Dr Williams to be cheerful, Dairmaid MacCulloch ends on an intriguing note. The Oxford church historian tells of a 'wise old Dominican friar' who informed him that God is not the answer. Rather, God is the question. McCabe's succinct books on faith and life are fantastically stimulating, even if you don't share his view on faith and life.

Question of god

Is it wrong to question God? At issue is not whether we should question God, but in what manner—and for what reason—we question Him. To question God is not in itself wrong.

Habakkuk, rather than being rebuked for his questions, is patiently answered, and the prophet ends his book with a song of praise to the Lord.

Question of god

Many questions are put to God in the Psalms Psalms 10, 44, 74, Although God does not always answer our questions in the way we want, we conclude from these passages that a sincere question from an earnest heart is welcomed by God.

Insincere questions, or questions from a hypocritical heart, are a different matter. After King Saul had disobeyed God, his questions went unanswered 1 Samuel It is entirely different to wonder why God allowed a certain event than it is to directly question God's goodness.

Having doubts is different from questioning God's sovereignty and attacking His character. In short, an honest question is not a sin, but a bitter, untrusting, or rebellious heart is. God is not intimidated by questions.

Question of god

God invites us to enjoy close fellowship with Him. We can question God, but we should not expect an answer unless we are genuinely interested in His answer.

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God knows our hearts, and knows whether we are genuinely seeking Him to enlighten us. Our heart attitude is what determines whether it is right or wrong to question God.Sometimes, this question will highlight misunderstandings we hold of who God is and the nature of the Gospel.

Other times, it will highlight things we value more than trusting God. We need to ask not only what offends us, but then the follow-up question of why it offends us.

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Questions about God Does God exist? Who is God? Is there an argument for the existence of God? What is God? What is the name of God? What does the Bible teach about the Trinity?

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Is it wrong to question God? Is there anything God can't do? Does God have a sense of humor? IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ASKED IN THE BOOK OF JOB Introduction: 1. One of the most puzzling books in the Bible is the book of Job.

2. It is puzzling because: No man has a platform upon which to stand in order to question or accuse God in His dealings and activities. C. There are some limits to man's legitimate questioning of God activity, and. Application. I interviewed at Assemblies of God (New York, NY) in June Interview.


3 rounds of interviews. The first was fine, made me excited about the company. This important new text by a well-known author provides a lively and approachable introduction to the six great arguments for the existence of God.

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