Red bull vision and values

Clarity, Compelling, Credibility and Contrasting.

Red bull vision and values

But Red Bull has taken the brand rigor that made it a global beverage titan and done something vanishingly rare. With an unceasing, and meticulously produced and managed stream of high end action sports- and youth culture-oriented content that spans web, social, film, tablet, print, music, and TV, the giver of wings has become what every brand wants to be these days—a media company in full.

Through its stand-alone content arm, Red Bull Media House, the company that created a beverage category is now pioneering the new role of brand as media company.

Where did the original vision come from—that is, the vision that marketing was an integral part of the brand. You had worked in marketing before, but what philosophy or what lessons informed the way you built the Red Bull brand? Most of the national Austrian champions in those days were personal friends of mine and we spent all our leisure time mountain biking, windsurfing, snowboarding etc.

From the first year onwards, we also started sampling our product with our Red Bull Minis, launched our advertising campaign with our cartoons, and created our first event Red Bull Flugtag.

Red Bull Regional Development School Training Program

Was producing content a part of that from the start? Yes, we were producing content from the start but one has to admit that this was easier with Red Bull Energy Drink than it is with ordinary food products, soft drinks, or detergents. Let me answer this question in advertising terms: It is an invitation as well as a request to be active, performance-oriented, alert, and to take challenges.

When you work or study, do your very best. When you do sports, go for your limits. When you have fun or just relax, be aware of it and appreciate it. How do you view Red Bull now—as a beverage company or as a media company?


This is not either or, it is as well as. In both areas we are talking about content distribution as a way to tell our consumers and friends what is new about our approximately athletes worldwide, their achievements and next projects; another band launch or song hit from Red Bull Records; what is going on regarding nightlife, people, events, culture, Formula 1, etc.

So it is both ways, the brand is supporting the sports and culture community, as well as the other way round. Our goal is to establish a global media network, which covers all individual segments, such as print, TV, mobile, music, and new media.

It will be the responsibility of the Red Bull Media House to produce and distribute all the content Red Bull is able to provide. When do you expect that Red Bull Media House will be a profitable business? There is no doubt that this will take some time.

Its first and primary goal is to produce and distribute high quality and unique content for our own channels as well as for our partners. What one also has to take into account is that we create editorial media value for our brand, which offsets investments.

In the long term, we expect that Red Bull Media House to be profitable. Will you stay hands-on in the media efforts for the foreseeable future? Yes, of course, no question.Every story has a beginning, middle, and end.

Every story is subject to vision, and revision. History isn't always written by the victors, but it is re-written by poets.

Treat them well.

Red bull vision and values

Like reading doctrine and monitoring propaganda, reading an enemy's verse reveals motivations and values. Sun Tzu writes: Red Bull Rising Archives Red Bull Arena – a state-of-the-art facility that opened in early in Harrison, N.J.

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-- is a premiere North American soccer venue that continues to set the standard for excellent atmosphere, comfort and dining services provided by Delaware North Sportservice.

Red Bull Urban Portage Event Coverage. This article was posted on Monday, October 15, Dec 19,  · Red Bull is still, from time to time, drawn into the debate over whether the enzyme taurine, one of its oft-mentioned ingredients, really enhances body and health performance.

Red Bull's old mission statement “Red Bull gives you wings” has caused them no small amount of headaches, including a false advertising settlement for more than $6 million to consumers. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Red Bull Vision And Values.

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