Sure start childminding business plan

June 7, 5: I was meeting a childminder friend at the park on a damp Spring day. She had her normal mix of three children including the two youngest aged 18 months and two years wrapped up in coats and strapped into her double buggy. I really have no intention of taking them out of the buggy.

Sure start childminding business plan

You should think about how to make your childminding business stand out from the rest. What can you offer to parents? Perhaps you could specialise in care for children with dyslexia and could advertise and make provisions for special attention to literacy skills and organisation.

That could be a real unique selling point for your business. It can take up to 12 weeks to fully register sure start childminding business plan a childminder; you will also have to be inspected by Ofsted following your application to register.

With that said, the time it takes to become a registered childminder is ultimately pretty varied. The time variation is due to factors like getting your first aid certificate, receiving your DBS forms back, and sorting out your health declaration form.

All of these can vary depending on a number of factors which are often outside of your control. This list covers the essentials to help you budget for your childcare business. Keep in mind that Ofsted may recommend further actions which could cost more. Registration Costs The registration fees depend on the register that you join.

Childminding agencies fix their own costs. You can find out more information on how to obtain a DBS form and what the process involves here.

Mandatory Training Before you can apply to Ofsted, you must complete adequate first aid training, which allows childcarers the opportunity to practice practical techniques.

First Aid courses vary in price, but can be easily searched for online. You must also complete introductory training to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to include courses like Autism Awareness and Internet Safety training. High Speed Training offer a wide range of safeguarding courses to meet your training requirements. Insurance You will need Public Liability insurance as soon as you register.

There may be premiums as some companies charge more for business use or contents cover.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Registered Childminder?

Equipment and Repairs You may need equipment, like child car seats, smoke alarms, and a decent first aid kit. Childcare Business Grants Until Marchchildminders in England who work in a domestic premises can apply for a childcare business grant.

You must be a new business to apply for one of these grants. Plan to provide the 30 hours funded childcare entitlement for 3- to 4-year-olds alone or in a partnership.

Childminding Business Plan – Miss Bettsy

Be registered with your Local Authority to offer the 30 hours funded childcare entitlement. Childminder agencies and providers should directly encourage and support registered childminders to offer the 30 hours funded childcare entitlement, either alone or in a partnership.

Private nurseries and afterschool clubs cannot apply for the grant. Neither can those who have received a grant under the scheme before — unless you are now applying as a CMA.

Inspections and Checks When you first register to be a childminder, Ofsted will conduct an inspection. They are checking to make sure you meet the requirements for safety and learning developments.

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If you provide care in a domestic setting, Ofsted will ask the home occupier for permission to carry out the inspection. Towards the end of the inspection, the inspector will provide you with feedback and tell you how you can improve.

During Your Inspection When an Ofsted officer arrives, they will: Watch the children at play. Talk to you and the children. Observe how you and the children interact. Assess how well you know the EYFS requirements. Your grade is accompanied by a report that will tell you how to do better, what you did well, and if anything can improve.

Your grade will be one of the following: You are required to provide parents with a copy of the report after the inspection.


If you are asked for a copy of the report by anyone else, such as a parent who would like you to mind their children, you must comply with this request. Ofsted will also publish your report online within 10 working days of you being sent the report.

Registered childminders can only care for a certain number of children at one time. When you are considering how many children is a suitable number to care for, you should consider the following:The Childcare Business Grants Scheme is now open to newly registered early years childminders, childcare providers on domestic premises and Childminder Agencies (CMAs) in England.

About the scheme This scheme is intended to reimburse you for the costs of setting up your childcare business.

sure start childminding business plan

Contains advice on how to become a childminder, training courses, insurance and membership options. The Childminding Forum – The largest online community of childminders in the UK, with boards on becoming a childminder, training and courses, insurance and activity ideas.

Making Childmindingmy Business THE HANDBOOK Camden Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership Sure Start Unit DfES Childminding Committee Childminding Networks Supported Childminding Service avoid writing a business plan as it is often considered to be an unnecessary and complicated task.

In . Setting up your childminding business Introduction. When you set up your childminding business there are a number of steps you need to follow to make sure you have done everything you need to do to be legal and qualified to work with young children. Sure Start Children's Centres are designed as a 'one-stop-shop' to provide opportunities for local families with children under eight to find support and advice, share new play and learning experiences together, relax and unwind and meet new friends.

The Childcare Business Grants Scheme is funded by the Department for Education. There is a fixed amount of funding available and is demand-led and operates on a first come / first served basis. Our advice is to not delay your application.

How To Become A Childminder In Your Own Home: Business Guide