The pros and cons of attending college

But during the Vietnam War, in consideration of young people in military service, 29 states lowered the legal drinking age. As a result, there was no uniform drinking age, with some states choosing 18, 19, or 20, and some states also putting restrictions on types of beverages that could be purchased such as beer and wine, or limited the right to on-premise sales only, etc. As a result of these changes, there was a marked increase in car fatalities where young people and drinking was involved. This patchwork of laws also led to problems at state borders, creating significant risk for teens that would drive to an adjacent state to obtain or consume alcohol.

The pros and cons of attending college

Nearly 90 percent of their funding is from the state. Since the health of the university is contingent upon state support, such colleges are strictly run according to state regulations.

Most of the coursework is fairly standardized among state universities, especially those within the same state. In my experience, public universities promote collaborative learning within the classroom less than they do independent studies.

Considering Community College? Here Are the Pros and Cons

Thus, the information given in the classroom feels more like the outline of a subject rather than the subject itself. No academic coddling here. If you decide on the state school, challenge yourself whenever possible, set your own goals, and establish your own academic background. Pros Affordable Tuition, Particularly For In-State Students The affordability of the public university is one of its most positive aspects, without any form of assistance it is no doubt the cheapest path to a diploma.

Dynamic Atmosphere The campus on the state university is bustling at all hours, offering many social opportunities and a varied selection of extracurricular activities.

Whether the university is situated in a college town or in the heart of a big city, you will have a much greater opportunity to meet and develop relationships with many different types of people, due to the dozens of extracurricular events that students can participate in at a large state school.

Typically, the student body is incredibly diverse and very large.

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On-Campus Employment Opportunities It's great if you don't need to work while you are in college, but if you do need extra money while earning your degree, the next best thing to avoiding employment altogether is working nearby so at least you don't have to add "Forty-minute commute" to the long list of things getting in the way of studying for finals.

Add to this the large library facilities to better assist you with any research you may need to do, and you will be virutally without excuses for not acing your exams.

The pros and cons of attending college

Loyal Student Body School spirit and student loyalty are important components of the state university atmosphere, often resulting in well-funded athletic programs. Most students are devoted to supporting and improving their school and their athletic program, attending games and other school events frequently.

Many public universities have advanced science or medical research programs; such programs do at times seem to detract from the faculty's attention to student affairs.

The pros and cons of attending college

Flexibility Like the community collegethe public university is a great place to attend if you plan on working throughout your college career. There are many options that allow students more flexibility both in and out of the classroom.

Knowledgeable Instructors State universities often attract distinguished scholars as professors and therefore may offer a better overall academic experience for those who feel a college's faculty is what makes the difference between a mere college degree and a quality education.

Challenging Courses In addition to having a wide variety of majors from which to select, there is also a great disparity between the levels of difficulty in the courses at a state university.

For the most part, general courses are what they are, but the pace of higher level courses depends heavily upon the agenda of the instructor.

Some instructors try to compensate for standardization by raising the bar themselves—and they succeed. The only way to predict what a course will look like is to talk to a student who is familiar with the teaching style of the professor in question.

Cons Finding Out Information Size contributes to many of the issues that develop at public universities.

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Whether the school makes a mistake on your transcript or gives you an undeserved parking citation, it can be difficult to get in touch with the person who can reverse such errors.

Allow plenty of time for dealing with administrative hassles. Availability of Classes Classes may fill quickly, so you might not be able to get the schedule you want.

Most public universities have a number of offerings for each course and class sizes may be very large, meaning the environment may not be as nurturing as a smaller college.For Idaho community colleges, the average tuition is approximately $3, per year for in-state students and $8, for out-of-state students.

Part 2 of ER doctor Kevin Pezzi, MD discussing some of the pros and cons of being an ER physician. Should College Be Free? Pros, Cons, and Alternatives.

It's a question that might be more relevant today than ever before: Should college be free in America? School Vouchers - Top 4 Pros and Cons "developing mature interpersonal relationships" is one of the seven stages students progress through as they attend college.

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Students ranked "interpersonal skills" as the most important skill used in their daily lives in a survey of 11, college students. IT professionals with more than bare minimum budgets (or employer support) may find training a valuable certification preparation tool.

Countless options for classroom and online training are available, so it’s important to . The ongoing debate of college cost and affordability in America is a hot topic.

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