Tomosynthesis a new era in breast imaging

Free Course Overview In an era of high demand for breast screening exams, clinicians are continually looking for safe and effective breast cancer screening tools. This webinar will review the evidence-based literature supporting contrast-enhanced mammography CEMpatient selection criteria, and techniques and protocols for performing CEM. Educational Objectives At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be better able to:

Tomosynthesis a new era in breast imaging

The interactive checkpoint features 11 award-winning hard copy exhibits from RSNA that attendees can study and then access the corresponding quiz on their mobile device or laptop.

Bhalla noticed an increasing emphasis on algorithms among presentations.


Controversy sessions throughout the week will highlight current debates in residency training, machine learning MLcontrast media, sedation, imaging for chest pain, brain irradiation for metastases, head and neck imaging, pelvic imaging in the emergency department EDand screening mammography.

The Friday Imaging Symposium will address practical clinical topics in head and neck imaging using a symptom-based approach. Other trends in breast imaging include continued interest in a shorter MRI exam, the use of digital breast tomosynthesis DBT in a diagnostic setting, incorporating DBT and breast ultrasound US into the screening and diagnostic workflow, and the role of automated breast US.

Tomosynthesis a new era in breast imaging

Ackerman added that other topics of interest include indications, obstacles and outcomes of radioactive seed localizations, and analysis of breast tumor vascularity using various techniques such as contrast-enhanced US. Back to top Cardiac Radiology Diagnosis techniques of adult cardiovascular disease — especially coronary artery disease — including dual-energy CT, remains a common theme, according to Robert M.

Topics generating the most interest include myocardial strain analysis, quantitative imaging, T1 and T2 mapping for extracellular myocardial volume, spectral imaging and estimation of fractional flow reserve analysis.

The Hot Topic Session on Tuesday morning will cover multi-spectral imaging and the cardiac series. CT fractional flow reserve in coronary artery assessment is one of several new and developing subjects in the education exhibits, said Jared D.

Back to top Chest Radiology Dual energy and radiomics applications in the thorax is one of the newest trends for chest radiology, according to Reginald F.

Ready for Prime TIme? Lung cancer topics have increased, according to Andrew Bierhals, MD, MPH, chair of the Education Exhibits Chest Subcommittee, particularly covering lung cancer screening and the new lung cancer staging recommendations.

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Back to top Emergency Radiology Dual-energy CT will also be a popular topic in emergency radiology presentations, according to Martin L. Another topic to watch for is research on the potential overutilization of imaging in the ED, which he said is important due to the current trends in healthcare expenditure management.

A new full-day liver symposium will be offered on Friday. The symposium, an international collaboration of abdominal imaging societies, will look at screening and diagnosis guidelines and review state-of-the-art imaging techniques.

As with several other subspecialties, Dr. Wang said DECT remains a popular topic. Research of prostate cancer screening and treatment will also be the focus of the Annual Oration in Radiation Oncology, presented Wednesday by Colleen A.

There is an emphasis on quality in medical and practice management, he said, which likely reflects the changing landscape of healthcare implementation and radiology practice as the specialty transitions from a quantity- to a quality-based system.

Delivering value through patient-centered care will be the focus of the Quality Improvement Symposium presented on Tuesday. The three-part series will tackle defining and measuring value as well as learning from mistakes to improve patient care.At Miami Breast Cancer Conference, pioneers of innovative approaches in each of these subspecialties will provide insight into the optimal multidisciplinary management of patients with breast cancer and its application to practice.

Course Overview In an era of high demand for breast screening exams, clinicians are continually looking for safe and effective breast cancer screening tools.

Since , the South Jersey Radiology (SJRA) staff is comprised of Board Certified Radiologists who have sub-specialty training — that is, specific expertise in neuroradiology, body imaging, bone joint imaging, cardiac imaging, nuclear radiology, and women’s imaging.

The mission of the ACR Foundation is to advance the profession and practice of radiology to benefit patients with specific emphasis on health policy research. Health Policy Research donations primarily support the Harvey L.

Neiman Health Policy Institute ®. Demonstrate the critical role that. Course Description. This course blends the newest innovations in breast imaging with time-honored traditional breast imaging modalities and procedures.

The Affirm ® prone breast biopsy system delivers faster, more comfortable procedures by increasing automation, providing superior imaging and giving degree access to the breast – creating a better experience for patients and providers. 1. It’s the only dedicated prone biopsy system offering superior 2D or tomosynthesis (3D™) imaging, and allows for 2D users to easily upgrade to 3D.

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