Visiting a museum

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Visiting a museum

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Built inits dark brick exterior and marbled columns gave little indication of the chilling mysteries within. The first thing I saw was a cabinet full of human skulls. Each labeled with the age, nationality, and manner of death. Today, the museum has a collection of over 20, items, each more disturbing than the last.

While the building is quite large, the museum itself is surprisingly small, filling only four large rooms. However, what they lack in space, they make up for by placing objects in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. This creates a great effect and makes the museum quite striking, but makes it difficult to exam many of the items on the lower and upper shelves.

While there were many fascinating pieces in the museum, there were several that I found especially interesting. While the cross-sections themselves might have bit a bit underwhelming, the concept that these sections came from one of the most magnificent brains in history was really quite captivating.

I also found the collection of skeletons at the museum to be quite interesting. Each skeleton was different. Some had wildly obvious deformities, which others were ridiculously large or small. For me, the most disturbing aspect of the museum was the many skeletons from fetuses and babies.

While some were simply skeletons, others were the remains of deformed fetuses that had been preserved with macabre detail.

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A plaster cast of the original Siamese conjoined twins, Chang and Eng. While certainly interesting, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into before you arrive.

On a more practical note, the museum is quite small and could very quickly get crowded. This museum is in dire need of an expansion in order to comfortably accommodate all of the items on display and the gawking visitors.

As I said before, many are disturbing, and there is a small area of human reproductive organs that may not be appropriate for children. However, all the opinions stated in the article are my own and were not subject to review.DIRECTIONS The Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art is located at the northeast corner of the Chaffey College Rancho Cucamonga campus.

Exit the freeway (north) on Haven Avenue and turn right on Wilson Avenue (do not enter the campus by turning right at the marquee). The Immigration Museum Shop offers a wide range of souvenirs, gifts and books for the whole family.

The Immigration Museum Café is located inside the shop, offering coffee, soft drinks, snacks, confectionery and much more. VISITING THE MUSEUM Learning Resource Overview While most students understand that objects inside museums have important cultural, ideological, economic, and art historical value, they don’t always recognize the role of these institutions to shape and reinforce such values.

Visit Guildford's historic museum on the edge of the beautiful Castle Grounds and Castle Keep. Entrance is free. When visiting the Johnny Cash Museum, I would recommend going first thing in the morning. Considering they open at 9 am, parents to kids with autism will want plenty of time to check out each piece of memorabilia with fewer people around.

The Museum offers four options for touring Whitehall. There is never an additional fee for any of these tour options.

Visiting a museum

Normally all four options will be available for visitors to choose from, but at least one option will be available to visitors at all times.

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