Writing an employee spotlight newsletter

Being in GIS, things never get boring. Every day brings some new project, new toys to play with, and new information to learn. While I love this job, the one I will have fondest memories of will be when I was 22 and one of my buddies setup his own computer consulting company. I worked there with a couple of other guys my age and we had the time of our lives until we made the mistake of merging with another company and the business went sour.

Writing an employee spotlight newsletter

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writing an employee spotlight newsletter

Learn more about how his firm can help your company produce printed and electronic newsletters. The article ideas listed here are often featured in the employee newsletters that CompanyNewsletters.

This sample was produced for Culinaire International. It happens to virtually every employee newsletter editor. For some newsletter issues, you have more news than will fit into your newsletter.

But if things have been quiet at your company in recent months, you might have the opposite dilemma: Trying to come up with enough articles to fill your newsletter. The following article ideas are time-tested favorites that many CompanyNewsletters.

Explain what the person does, mention major accomplishments, quote the employee as to the challenges of his or her job, how the person strives to do a quality job, etc.

This type of article not only gives well-deserved recognition to the featured employee, it also sets a positive example for other employees to follow. For instance, educating employees about how to properly lift heavy packages will help reduce back injuries. Teaching employees how to prevent the spread of common ailments such as colds and flues can greatly reduce the number of people in the workplace who are spreading germs and getting their co-workers sick.

And if your company has an employee wellness program, you could do articles about the latest fitness classes being offered onsite, a new smoking cessation program that you are offering, etc.

For most companies, educating employees on proper safety procedures is paramount, and a newsletter is yet another way to emphasize the importance of safety.

As new equipment, machinery, raw materials and chemicals are being used in your workplace, employees need to be educated on the proper safety procedures for each.

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Also, federal, state and local safety regulations are constantly changing, so safety articles in your newsletter provide an excellent vehicle for keeping employees up to date on these important requirements.

Also, general safety tips for instance, the importance of wearing safety glasses, properly storing dangerous chemicals, etc. If your company has locations throughout the state, the country or even the world, employees at one location probably know very little about what the employees at other locations do.

To remedy that, you can highlight a different department, division or branch office in each issue of your employee newsletter. Write about what the department, division or branch office does, who the key people are, and show photos of key employees and even the buildings that they work in.

Many CEOs hold weekly or monthly meetings with their executive staff to discuss important company news, get updates from various divisions and departments and to address hot topics at the company.

These meeting notes or minutes are often loaded with excellent article ideas for employee newsletters. Or if executives are discussing an important, large, new client that decided to come on board with the company, that would also make for an excellent article.

Virtually every CEO charts out the goals for his or her company at least annually. Then as the year progresses, keep employees up to date on how well the company and its employees are achieving the goal.

Graphs showing the stock price over the last three months or year are also appreciated by readers. Profile some of these top volunteers in your newsletter, either listing all top volunteers in one article, or profile a different volunteer in each issue of your newsletter.

These types of articles give employees some positive recognition for their generous contributions of time to local charities, and thank them for representing your company well. If your company is like most, your employee benefits are constantly changing. Employees love to know about their benefits, so if your company is changing health plans, for instance, an article about the new plan and how it is different than the old plan will be well read by your employees.

Pick any current news event, and it likely has some kind of impact on your company. Most people are interested in current events, so employees are usually very interested in reading about how a current event is impacting your company.

For instance, when gas prices skyrocket, it almost always has an impact on a business and the price of its products. And the current popularity of organic foods has impacted numerous companies in industries from farming and ranching to grocery stores, restaurants, food producers and more.

Ask executives at your company how relevant current events are impacting the company, and it will likely make an excellent article. Employees love to learn more about their coworkers, especially their lives outside of work.

Maybe one of your employees has been training for the last year and recently ran her first marathon. Maybe another restores vintage fighter planes from World War II. Another employee may have lost pounds after dieting for the last year. Each of these employee accomplishments would make for an excellent article topic, and it would likely be one of the most-read features in your newsletter.Random Questions for Employee Spotlight interview!

January 15, by joe0 It’s always hard to come up with good questions for employee spotlight interview. Employee Newsletter Tips. 1. Consider the goal of your newsletter and select topics which reinforce that goal.

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Then in the following issue, you may want to write about an employee who looked into ways to cut costs and discovered the company would save $15, per year by leasing copiers rather than buying them. Employee Spotlight And. Employee spotlight or profile: Like executive letters, employee profiles humanize the company and help strengthen the community around your brand.

6. Industry news: Business newsletters are an excellent way to inform your customers about what’s new in the industry.

The Employee Spotlight is a feature in The Pen (Pinellas County employee newsletter). To nominate an employee, send To nominate an employee, send the name, position, and why you are nominating them to [email protected] Employee Spotlight 06/29/ ALL, Personal News 2 comments It’s payday here at the City of O’Fallon and once a month our PR Department puts out a small company newsletter that’s included in .

Employee Spotlight. We are very excited to proudly highlight each month some of our brightest and most committed staff from our entire pool of superb employees.

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