Written paper why ob is important

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Written paper why ob is important

OB helps us to study the complex nature of human beings in organizations by identifying causes and effects of that behavior. Some of the importance of Organizational Behavior OB in any type of organizations is as follows: OB helps in understanding Organization and Employees in a better way.

OB helps in motivating employees. OB helps in predicting and controlling Human Behavior. OB helps in effective utilization of Human Resources.

Written paper why ob is important

OB helps in understanding Organization and Employees in a better way: Studying OB helps to understand organization and people in a better way. When we can understand organization and employees, it helps to develop friendly relationship between organization and employees creating a proper working environment in an organization.

Studying OB helps to find out the factor causing the behavior, and helps to apply different strategies to control the critical behavior which harms the organization. OB helps in motivating employees: Studying OB helps managers to motivate the employees bringing a good organizational performance.

As every individual differs from each other, therefore OB helps managers to apply appropriate motivational tools and techniques in accordance with the nature of individual employees. This helps achieving organizational goal properly.

Written paper why ob is important

OB helps in understanding the root-cause of the problem, predict its future course of action and control its negative consequences. As, managers are aware about the positive and negative consequences of the behavior, it enables managers to maintain friendly relations with their employees which creates peace and harmony in the organization.

OB helps in predicting and controlling Human Behavior: Studying OB helps to predict and control human behavior. It is the one of the most important reason for studying OB. Knowledge of OB is very much important for the management students who are going to have a career as a successful manager.

If OB is studied properly then it helps to bring organizational effectiveness. OB helps in effective utilization of Human Resources: Studying OB helps in effective utilization of Human Resources.

Knowledge of OB helps managers to manage people effectively in the organization. It enables managers to inspire and motivate employees toward higher productivity and better results as the manager is able to analyze and understand nature and behavior of his employees.21 "But choose men of ability from all of the people.

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